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Working Seamlessly as a Team with Photographers

Some of our very favorite people we have had the opportunity to work with and get to know in the wedding industry have been wedding photographers. They play such an important role in the wedding day and create such beautiful and important work! We strongly believe that videography and photography on the wedding day should never be a competition – both are priceless and important! Here are a few of our favorite tips for working as a team with photographers to ensure the wedding day runs smoothly for each couple:

  1. Remember the Overall Goal

This wedding day is about the bride and groom, and it is our job as professional videographers to work efficiently and effectively with the photography team because we want to make sure each bride and groom has an amazing video of their day and amazing photos! They absolutely deserve it! You can help create a beautiful wedding day experience for your bride and groom by working as a team with the photographer to ensure that the day is able to be captured smoothly and beautifully on both sides. This is never a competition – remember that the overall goal is to ensure that the couple is able to remember their wedding day in a beautiful way for the rest of their lives through both video and photo.

  1. Reach out Prior to the Wedding Day 

Establish a connection with the wedding photographer prior to the big day by reaching out and introducing yourself as the couple’s videographer. Taking the time to reach out and share how excited you are to work alongside them goes a long way in creating a feeling of teamwork and being a familiar face when the big day comes. Even if you have worked with the photographer before, it is still helpful to reach out leading up to the wedding day to touch base and talk through any necessary details. 

  1. Be Kind, Courteous, and Aware 

In all of your interactions with the photographer, be kind, courteous, and aware. Talk with the photographer before the important moments such as the first look, ceremony, and send-off to understand how they like to shoot and make a game plan together of where you will both be to ensure that the moments and necessary angles are able to be captured well on both sides. As you move around and get different shots and angles, be conscious and aware of where you are standing and where the photographer is so that you don’t get in each other’s important shots. 

  1. Coordinate Posing Moments

In posing moments such as bridal party/family group shots and sunset shots of the bride and groom, it is helpful to allow the photographer room to do the posing they envision, and also coordinate with them to be able to set up and capture any moving shots that would be helpful for the video such as walking shots, spins, parallaxes, etc. There is time and space for both, so communication is key here to ensure the necessary shots are captured on the photo end and the video end.

To wrap up, we strongly believe that both video and photos have such an important place in keepsakes and memories, and that is especially true for wedding days. By working as a team with photographers on the wedding day, you will not only help ensure an amazing, seamless day for your bride and groom, but you will also make some amazing friends! Yay for video and photos, the best combination to ensure once-in-a-lifetime moments are never forgotten! 

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