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Five Must Have Moments to Have Captured on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is something you’ve dreamed of all of your life, but sometimes the planning can make your head swirl! Here are five special parts of your day that you’ll definitely want to have captured on video that you might not have thought of: 

  1. Getting Ready 

There is nothing like getting ready for your wedding day! From hair and makeup to suit and tie, these anticipation filled moments leading up to becoming husband and wife are ones you won’t want to forget! Video coverage of getting ready typically captures shots such as getting hair and makeup done, zipping up the dress, putting on the suit coat and tie, donning jewelry and shoes, and celebrating with bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

  1. First Look 

While it used to be very common for a bride and groom not to see each other on the wedding day until a bride’s walk down the aisle, many couples now choose to have a first look moment prior to the wedding ceremony. It is a beautiful time for moments of calm together prior to saying your “I do’s” and is perfect for centering yourselves in the true meaning of the day.

If you prefer the tradition of not seeing each other prior to the ceremony, but like the idea of a few calming moments together, consider a first touch rather than a first look. This is where you can be positioned back to back and have a few minutes to hold hands, exchange letters, pray together, or just talk to calm those pre-ceremony jitters. 

  1. Ceremony 

This is a given but we had to include it because this is everything you have waited for! Your journey together has led you to this point where you will commit your lives and hearts fully to one another. Your groom seeing you walk down the aisle, the sharing of vows, the exchanging of rings, and finally the long awaited words of, “I now pronounce you husband and wife,” are life-changing moments that you absolutely deserve to have captured. Having your ceremony and professionally captured audio crafted into your beautiful wedding film will be absolutely priceless as you live out your lives together. 

  1. Wedding Details 

The setting and details of your wedding create so much of the energy and mood that surround your day. When you look back to the day you were married, it is so fun to remember the carefully planned details that you poured your heart and soul into. Having detail shots of your venue, decor, ceremony set up, food, etc. included in your wedding film will take you right back to the ambiance of your wedding day and will definitely bring back all of the wedding feels! 

  1. Sunset Shots

Many couples don’t think of this, but it is a must have to include in your wedding day timeline! Commonly referred to as “golden hour,” the last hour prior to sunset offers the most flattering light for video and photos. Be sure to set aside a few minutes for you and your love to sneak away from the crowds for some stunning cinematic sunset shots to have included in your wedding film. These shots are always every couples favorite! 

Your day is going to be absolutely incredible, and having these special memories and elements captured through video (along with all the other amazing moments you have already thought of!) will be a priceless keepsake long after your dress has been put away! Happy wedding planning!

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