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Intimate Mountain Wedding

It was a perfect day up in the mountains, in a secluded glade surrounded by pine trees stretching toward the sky. The air was still the moment before she walked down the wooded dirt trail paved by white petals. All preparations were finished. Everything had led up to this moment. The only sounds in the air were the birds chirping and the violinist’s carefully played song. Surrounded by their closest family and friends, Michele and Bradon pledged their commitment to one another and began a new chapter of their journey together, now as husband and wife. 

We are always so inspired by the personal vows couple’s give to each other on their wedding day, and Michele and Bradon’s vows were some that we will never forget. Bradon’s words, “I promise to put you in a position to pursue everything you’ve ever dreamt of doing” and Michele’s commitment, “I vow that I will do everything I need to allow you, our daughter, and I to succeed,” embodied one of the greatest strengths we saw portrayed in their relationship: TEAMWORK. In raising their daughter, in confronting the unique challenges of military life, in taking each day head on, Michele and Bradon do it hand in hand, as a team. 

Michele and Bradon, we are so grateful you invited us to capture this beautiful part of your love story! Your incredible kindness and deep down love and commitment to one another and to your sweet daughter inspired us more than you’ll ever know! We hope that this video and these photos will be a forever treasure to you, and that they’ll keep you close even when you’re far apart in these months ahead. We’re cheering you on!

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