We are Joseph and Aubrey Hartshorn, a husband and wife videography       based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

We know in your life together you'll have days when you don't see eye to eye, days when life feels heavy, and days when you'll feel annoyed at the socks left on the floor and the toothpaste tube squeezed wrong.

We hope that especially on those days you'll snuggle up on the couch together, pull out the photo album and press play on your wedding video. We hope it will bring back all the feelings you felt on your wedding day, and that it will help you remember all the wonderful reasons why you chose each other in the first place.

Some day when you're old and gray, our hope is that you will still be together, hand in hand, watching your wedding film and reminiscing over the amazing life you created together. Our hope is that it will help you to never forget.

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We are so passionate about what we do because we believe in love and we believe in marriage. We believe in your marriage. 

our hope is that it will

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Meet Joseph

Joseph thrives on sports, good music, and Italian food. When he isn’t filming weddings or adventuring with Aubrey, Haven, and Crew, you can usually find him on a pickleball court, basketball court, or playing the guitar. He loves the creative process, is low-key obsessed with camera gear, and is a wizard in the editing room. He is one of the most calm, mellow people you will ever meet, and is guaranteed to bring the stress level of your wedding day down eight to ten notches. 

Meet Aubrey

Aubrey thrives on blue skies, sunshine, charcuterie boards and cheesecake. When she isn’t filming, you can most likely find her snuggling our two littles, Haven & Crew, drawing up tiny house plans, trying to keep her plants alive, or reading a really good book. She loves the business side of things and thrives on creating an unforgettable and seamless wedding experience for our clients. She gets all the feels on the wedding day and loves capturing the emotion and unforgettable moments.